Welcome to www.sweetsweat.cl (hereinafter «Site») owned by ACTIV3 EIRL, single tax role No. 76.315.016-k (hereinafter “SWEET SWEAT”). SWEET SWEAT offers the Site as a mechanism for general information about its products and services, as well as a platform for the acquisition of them, all of which are provided to its visitors and users (hereinafter “User”) in accordance with the following terms and terms of use of the site (hereinafter “terms of use”). By using the site, it will be understood that you accept the terms of use. If you do not agree with the terms of use, do not use the site. SWEET SWEAT reserves the right to modify the content of the Site and these terms of use unilaterally, periodically and without prior notice. Any user who visits the Site is understood to know and accept each and every one of the conditions of these Terms and Conditions. In these Terms and Conditions, the “Users” will be referred to together with the visitors of the Site, potential buyers and the actual buyers.

The User registration information and all the information provided by it will be collected, stored and used by SWEET SWEAT maintaining the security standards that it considers sufficient to prevent any adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access. SWEET SWEAT is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons, or for the improper use of the information obtained by these means.

By entering and browsing the Site, the user undertakes to: (a) Use the content for the sole purpose of obtaining information; (b) Do not modify or alter in any way the content or information contained in the site, (c) Not to publish, distribute, prepare derivative works or use the content in any way other than that explicitly permitted in this document . Under no circumstance is it possible to use trademarks, logos or other proprietary information (including images, texts, page designs or forms) of SWEET SWEAT without the express written consent of its legal representatives. It is forbidden to use logos, trademarks or any other graphic owned by SWEET SWEAT as part of a link without the express written permission of its legal representatives. The User does not acquire any type of property right over the content of the Site.

SWEET SWEAT offers different products and services on the Site. If the User decides to buy any of the products and services offered through the Site, according to the means of payment selected, it will be necessary to provide personal and financial information, including specific information of his credit or debit card, telephone and address in which receives the invoices and merchandise, as well as all the information that in the opinion of SWEET SWEAT are necessary to proceed with the respective purchase. SWEET SWEAT does not guarantee that product descriptions or content included on the site are accurate, current, reliable, accurate, complete or error-free. For this reason, it will be the user’s responsibility to judge the accuracy or completeness of the content before relying on it in any way. The consent by the User at the time of making a purchase is issued during the entire purchase process, including the process of selecting sizes, styles, quantities and other specific characteristics of each product. Before the final purchase confirmation, the User may cancel the purchase. SWEET SWEAT provides prior to the transaction a review of the order. Accepted the purchase, SWEET SWEAT will issue an acknowledgment of receipt to the email provided by the user, with information related to the delivery time, exact price, including taxes, shipping costs and the way the payment was made, all in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 A, of Law No. 19,496, on the protection of consumer rights, of the Republic of Chile. The delivery period indicated in said mail is not binding and is an estimated time in accordance with the information provided by the transport company with whom said process is outsourced. Delivery times are consequently the responsibility of the transport company, who autonomously and without incident by SWEET SWEAT determine and deliver the products.

SWEET SWEAT markets goods for personal use, and therefore, the right of withdrawal will apply only when the circumstances that make the provisions of article 3 bis of Law No. 19,496, on the protection of consumer rights, of The Republic of Chile Thus, the User declares to know and accept these terms and conditions regarding the possibility of withdrawal. The foregoing, notwithstanding the possibility of changes that SWEET SWEAT voluntarily makes to its Users, when the products have not been altered or used by the consumer. In the event that any change of the product is due at the will of SWEET SWEAT, being outside the legal guarantee periods established in Law No. 19,496, on the protection of the rights of consumers, of the Republic of Chile, costs and expenses Freight and transport (both in the process of return and shipment of exchanged products) will be assumed exclusively by the consumer.

Unless a longer warranty period is indicated, and expressly, for a special product, all products purchased through the site are covered by a legal guarantee of (90) days from the purchase of the goods and will only apply due to defects in manufacturing, materials and operation. SWEET SWEAT in no case guarantees that the use of the products will result in an improvement in sports activities, in the health of the users or in any way in the physical athletic performance of the user. If the total change of the product is produced by another, by unilateral decision of SWEET SWEAT, the warranty term will begin to run again in its entirety from the moment of replacement. This legal guarantee does not apply if the product has been damaged by fault or negligence, misuse or neglect, by the consumer.

When it is not possible to deliver the same asset initially acquired by the User as a guarantee, SWEET SWEAT may grant the guarantee by delivering one that fulfills the same functions and that coincides as much as possible with the greatest amount of features. It is not guaranteed in any case that the exterior design of the garments is identical to that initially acquired. There will be no place for recognition of the guarantee stipulated herein, in the cases of Force Majeure, Fortuitous Case, third party interventions, improper use by the consumer, and the others established in Law No. 19.496, on the protection of the rights of the consumers, from the republic of Chile. Additionally, to make the guarantee effective, whoever makes the claim must provide proof of purchase of the SWEET SWEAT assets and indicate the reasons that support their claim, proving them reliably.

The payment methods provided on the site are managed directly by WEBPAY, REDBANK, SERVIPAG and / or any online payment platform that SWEET SWEAT uses in the future. Regardless of the payment method that is operating on the Site, it will always be a totally independent service provider to SWEET SWEAT and with whom there is an agreement to provide services for handling payments for purchases made through the website , the contractual relationship being limited only to payment management. All financial information provided is handled directly and exclusively by these online payment service providers and SWEET SWEAT will not have any type of access to it, so any responsibility arising from the loss or bad destination of said information will be the sole responsibility of from the online payment service provider. To a greater extent, any claim that the user has regarding the services offered by the online payment service provider or conflicts that are generated as a result of the confidential information provided in the use of these payment methods, must be processed directly before the provider of corresponding online payment services.

The site and the content included in the site are the exclusive property of SWEET SWEAT and are protected by Law 17,336 on Intellectual Property, of the Republic of Chile, as well as by all international treaties and conventions that regulate the matter, and that Chile has ratified The compilation, organization and publication of the content of the site without prior, express and written authorization of the legal representatives of SWEET SWEAT will result in a breach of the Terms of use, a violation of the rules on ownership and protection of copyright , and therefore to the existence of illegal conduct by the User, being SWEET SWEAT empowered to initiate all legal actions that may take place against the users.

SWEET SWEAT and other brands specified on the site are trademarks of exclusive ownership of SWEET SWEAT and have been registered in compliance with the legal provisions of the Republic of Chile, the Nice Convention and other international conventions, also being considered registered in the countries where Such agreements have been adopted. SWEET SWEAT trademarks may not be used in any way that may cause confusion among customers or that may disparage or discredit SWEET SWEAT or in connection with any service or product that has not been sponsored, approved or produced by SWEET SWEAT. All other trademarks that are not owned by SWEET SWEAT that appear on this site belong to their respective owners, and the industrial and copyright rights that may apply will be respected.

The personal data that Users provide on this website will be incorporated into a database owned by SWEET SWEAT. Registered users automatically agree unconditionally that the data provided is used and processed, to participate in the promotion, for research and commercialization of the services and products offered by SWEET SWEAT. SWEET SWEAT, undertakes to keep the data provided by users in absolute privacy, and that are classified as “Personal Data” according to Law 19628 of 1999, of the Republic of Chile, (Law on Protection of Personal Data).

The site may offer hyperlinks or access to websites and content of other persons, companies or entities outside SWEET SWEAT. SWEET SWEAT does not control, endorse or guarantee the content included in these sites. The user accepts that SWEET SWEAT is not responsible for any content, associated link, resource or service related to third-party web pages. Likewise, you accept that SWEET SWEAT will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the use made of the contents of third parties. Links and access to these sites are provided exclusively for your convenience. The user will keep SWEET SWEAT harmless, for any claim caused by third-party websites.

The use of the site is at the user’s risk, including services, content, links to other sites. SWEET SWEAT does not guarantee that: (a) the website will work continuously or error-free; (b) the conditions of use of the products, services, contents, information or other material purchased or obtained through the website will meet your expectations, or that (c) any error on the website will be corrected. The user of the site assumes all risk with respect to any damage or loss of data that his computer system may suffer as a result of entering the site.

The rights, duties and other obligations that are generated by the use of the SWEET SWEAT website, including those related to purchases via electronic commerce, copyright, industrial property, and other matters described in this Legal Notice and Terms of Use , are regulated by the legal system of the Republic of Chile, as well as by its Political Constitution, its Commercial Code, its Law No. 19.496, on the protection of consumer rights, its Law No. 19628 on Protection of Personal Data , its Law No. 17,336 on Intellectual Property, the Nice Convention, and other international norms and treaties ratified by Chile, and those regulatory provisions that modify, replace or complement them.

All matters related to access to the site and its use will be governed by the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Chile. In the event that it is determined that any of the provisions of these terms of use is not valid or applicable, such determination will not affect the rest of the terms of use and the minimum necessary amendments will be made so that the terms of use are valid and applicable , and to the extent possible, the same effects and scope of the provision or amended term be retained.

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