Golden Cycle Jersey

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  • CLP: $37,400
  • EUR: €43
  • GBP: $38
  • AUD: $67
  • BRL: $280
  • MXN: $1,031
  • COP: $181,907
  • ARS: $4,523

Design inspired by the practice of temporary tattoos made in henna as in the time of ancient Egypt. This custom began 5 thousand years ago when the hands and feet of the pharaohs and their queens were painted. Beautiful and feminine design now in a cycling suit. Only for queens.


  • Dry: Moisture transport. Finish that allows the garment to quickly capture and dry perspiration, keeping it comfortable and fresh for the user.
  • Aqua: Permanence of color to chlorine and seawater. Finish that allows colors to remain firm and alive for longer in the presence of chlorine or sea salts.
  • Sun: Sun protection UPF 30 – 50: Thanks to the special construction of the fabric, it acts as a true protective shield against UV rays.
  • Sweat: Colors developed with high technology that prevents the discoloration of the textile on contact with sweat.
  • Color: Specialized development that allows garments to last longer without losing their color with washing and sun exposure.
  • Stretch: Its content of elastic fibers with elongation and recovery in both directions, allows greater comfort, adjustment and freedom of movement.
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